The Ninjas are working hard!!!

We are all about packets and keeping them local. Please feel free to take a look at the different internet exchange projects we are working on:

Aloha-IX - A friendly place for packets, sand and beach included

Connect now at AlohaNAP.

Vegas-IX - Packets for Vegas should stay in Vegas

Connect now at EdgeConneX.

Phoenix-IX - It is a dry heat and the packets are hot

Online at 5 data centers with 20gbps peak traffic.

Richmond-IX - Virginia is for packet lovers

Launching this fall at EdgeConneX and QTS

Sacramento-IX - The big tomato of peering!

Launching this fall at EdgeConneX

New Projects in 2018!




In all of our projects we provide critical internet infrastructure like root name servers, AS-112 services, Jumbo Vlans and Soon Community Blackholing

Our fabrics are all community supported and feature no monthly charges from the IX. A one time connection fee applies.  Port speeds from 1g to 10g are supported. LAGs are also supported.  Participants may peer bi-laterally and / or multi-laterally with redundant route servers.

Please contact us at Peering at Ninja-IX if you need assistance

Ninja-IX is a not for profit corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona and is operated by volunteers.