Ninja-IX Structure



Ninja-IX Foundation is a separate Foundation incorporated in March 2022. The goals are to provide 1) Education and training for the operation of Internet Exchanges by Non Commercial  entities and 2) Funding to non commercial internet exchange operators for a) start-up, b) special projects, and / or  3) operation. The Foundation is approved for IRS 501(c)3 status.  Any donations are tax dedcutible per IRS guidlines.   


Is an Arizona incorporated not-for-profit that began in 2014 . It operates the original internet exchanges lised elsewhere in this website. Any monies paid are not deductable as a contribution / donation.  Fees paid for port installation, port annual dues, expenses or similar are generally dedcutable as an ordinary business expense. During 2023 it is anticipated that our operating Internet Exchanges will be migrated from the current Corporation to the Foundation.