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General Session

9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Iron Mountain Phoenix 1 Data Center

Topics will include
IXP Updates
Paul Emmons
Ninja-IX Executive Director

Updates on the peering markets and features in the IXP Manager.  Discussion of growth of the platform.

ARIN Presentation on IP Transfer Market and Other Updates
John Sweeting
ARIN Chief Customer Officer

Do you need help navigating the IPv4 transfer market (as either a source or recipient)? You've come to the right place. Join us for a status update on the IPv4 transfer market and Q&A with ARIN where you can ask your questions about obtaining IPv4 address space on the market and ARIN's Specified Transfer Listing Service that includes IP address broker facilitators and more..

Quantum Computing - A London Experience

Ben Hedges
Vice President, Interconnection and Peering - Cyxtera

President - Global Peering Forum
Optical Trends and Updates
Mike Rosato 
Vice President of Strategic Accounts
OSI Global
Data Center Updates

Updates from our Data Center Partners:
Cyxtera - Ben Hedges
EdgeConneX - Wil Trado
H5 Data Centers - Daniel Kluss
Iron Mountain Data Centers -  Micheal Bach 
PhoenixNAP - Mike Berry
Secure Shore - James Woodside
QTS - Bryan Darby

Afternoon Training

1:30pm to 4 pm at Iron Mountain Phoenix 1 Data Center
Please select the addon when registering.  
If you wish to just attend the tutorials you do not need to select the morning sessions during registration.

BGP for Peering
Paul Emmons
Ninja-IX Executive Director

A presenation on how to use communites and filers to ensure  clean annoucements of routes in BGP towards peers.   Examples using "Cisco Style" commands will be shown.

Protecting Your Routes with RPKI
Jon Worley  
ARIN Senior Technology Architect

Network administrators sometimes announce IP addresses that don't belong to them, either by accident or on purpose. A wrongly announced IP address block can take an entire network offline. Furthermore, hackers have the ability to create false DNS records, which may trick users into visiting websites or downloading malicious software. What can you do to prevent these scenarios from happening? The answer is Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), and opt-in service available from ARIN. Find out all the information required for you to participate in ARIN's RPKI service to strengthen your routing security.

ARIN Help Desk

ARIN'S Help desk will be available all day during the event

Did you know ARIN has an IPv4 Waiting List and a reserved block of IPv4 to facilitate IPv6 deployment that you can utilize for your IPv4 needs instead of turning to the market just yet? Do you need help updating your Whois data? Or deploying IPv6 or RPKI? No matter what it is you need help with, we’re here for you. The ARIN Help Desk is your one-stop source for information from ARIN. We’ll answer all your questions and can aid with any resource requests you’re currently working on with us as well as any you’ll be submitting in the near future.

Poolside Reception at 6pm

Location is offsite and will be forwarded to the attendees.
Featuring food from the Philippines.

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